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Marley uPVC Classic 

Installation of quality guttering and spouting fittings in the Wellington Region

Marley is one of the leading brands of spouting fittings and guttering in New Zealand. At Capital Continuous Spouting we supply a wide range of Marley fittings and down pipes to homes in Lower Hutt, Wellington and Kapiti.

The specifications are detailed below and you can contact us to get a free quote for the installation of Marley fittings to your property. 

Capital spouting_spouting vectors_Marley

Cross Sectional Area 6700mm2


Marley Classic has sharp angular lines which make it ideal for framing
weatherboard style houses. Marley classic is extremely tough and long
lasting, requires little maintenance and is UV resistant. Manufactured in
New Zealand since the 1980’s Marley Classic is synonymous with typical
kiwi villas and traditional colonial style homes. 

Marley Classic.png
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