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Coloursteel 80mm Downpipes

Capital spouting_spouting vectors_Colour
Marley 80 Downpipe degree.png

Coloursteel 80mm downpipes add the finishing touch to your installation.  Coloursteel downpipes are available in a wide range of colours and these are detailed on the following colour chart. 


The standard bends are 95 degrees but custom angles can be done by hand mitring the pipes.  L or T spreaders as per the photo below are also available in applications where higher level roofs need to discharge water onto lower level roofs. There are 2 fixing options available (clips and munzing rings) for greater flexibility when varying offsets from the cladding are needed, these are detailed below.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.42.22 PM.png

Downpipe T and L Spreader

Fixing Options
Downpipe Clip
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.47.30 PM.png

Standard fixing system that provides a cost
effective method. Clips are manufactured in
colours to match the downpipe

Munzing Rings
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.47.30 PM.png

Manufactured in cast aluminium then powdercoated to match the downpipe colour.  Munzing rings are ideal for installations against weatherboards or with narrow soffits where a variable offset from the wall is required.  The
length of the threaded rod is custom cut to change
the offset of the pipe from the wall.

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